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Weise Words: Cleaning our products

Regardless of where you are in the world, winter can take its toll on your bike gear. Whether you have been battling the elements every day or riding as little as you can, March is a great time to think about a motorcycle clothing spring clean.

Even if you haven't ridden your bike since the summer drew to an end, There is a good chance your clothing might have a spot of mould or damp if it has been stored away. But how do you keep your leathers, waterproofs, and textiles in pristine condition?

We got the team together for this weeks #WeiseWords to get together some handy tips so you can keep your Weise clothing in the best condition possible.

Looking after your leathers

Always start by removing as much dirt as possible with warm water and a soft damp cloth. Try not to overwork the leather by rubbing too hard. It's always worth keeping on top of these marks throughout the year to save you from overworking the leather or creating any friction damage when focussing on one area. If the dirt is really bad, you can reach for some natural cleaning products at home. Equal parts of water and white wine vinegar on a soft, microfibre cloth can help lift heavy soiling. Don't allow your cloth to become too wet though. You could also use saddle soap, a gentle, nondrying soap which equestrians use to keep their leather soft and supple. Baby wipes for sensitive skin are great for lifting lighter marks on a daily basis.

Turn your leathers inside out and give them a good airing. If you find the lining has become a little smelly, bicarbonate of soda can be an excellent way of removing smells. Just lay your suit on a flat surface and sprinkle the bicarb on the areas that need attention. After 24 hours you can gently dust or, if you are careful, hoover up the bicarb. This should remove some of the aromas!

There are some fantastic leather conditioners on the market including Nikwax. These need to be used on dry leather and will cleanse, feed and revive your products. They can also prolong leather life by preventing cracking, help with waterproofing and protect against daily wear and tear.

Remember the three golden rules of leather care.

DO NOT wash

DO NOT iron

DO NOT tumble dry.

Taking care of textiles

Textile clothing can be washed. However, it is vital to keep the temperature as low as possible. Cleaning at 30 degrees is the maximum you should go.

To prep for a wash make sure you take out any removable linings and all protective armour. You should also fasten pockets and velcro to ensure you don't compromise their quality. Use a soft cloth and warm water to remove as much soiling as you can before popping your textiles into the washing machine.

You should remove the garments from your washing machine as soon as possible and dry in a place that doesn't have a direct heat source.

What about waterproofs?

Most waterproofed textiles will say 'do not wash' however if you follow the guidelines above, keep your wash temp under 30 then you will be fine.

To boost the waterproofing, you can also buy a spray-on or wash-in proofer. These products will help your motorcycle clothing repel water instead of absorbing it. You can buy them from most high street, outdoors clothing companies or go directly to manufacturer.

Remember, DO NOT tumble dry!


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