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Weise Words from Peter Hickman

The motorcycle racing season is waking up. With riders heading out for pre-season testing and the first BSB race scheduled for 31st March, it won't be long before we are feeling inspired and heading out on the first track day of the year.

For this weeks Weise Words we caught up with Weise-Sponsored Peter Hickman who is currently preparing for the Island Classic at Phillip Island, Australia and asked him for his top three tips to improve your track day riding.

Be Patient!

Peter's first tip, it might be a race track, but it's not a race. Everyone gets nervous and excited on track, and they often can't wait to get going. However, that is when mistakes happen. Peter says "Just chill out, You have all day, and by the end of the day, most people have had enough anyway! So there is loads of time."

Mirror Mirror ...

"Take your mirrors off or tape them up!" is Peter's next tip. "You need to concentrate on what is in front of you, not what's behind. It is the responsibility of the rider behind to pass you safely, not your job to let them through. No 'lifesaver' checks either" Most track day organisers will remind you of this so if you think you could be distracted by your mirrors, take Peter's advice and remove them for your track riding.

Use the Instructors!

Peter's last tip is to make the most of the instructors "Ask for help or advice, these guys do this every day, they understand the circuits and they understand bikes. They are there to help, and best of all, they are free!" some Track Day companies allow you to book time with the instructor, so take advantage of it. Peter rounds off his tips by saying "On track sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference."

We interviewed Peter just after Knockhill BSB last year. He was fresh on track after weeks of riding at the Isle of Man. He said one line which we think is worth remembering when you head out on a track day.

"It takes a bit of time to readjust your head after being on roads for so long. Where you can go so fast for so long. You need to recalibrate and get your circuit head back."

No matter how experienced you are on the road, or how well you know your bike, circuit riding is entirely different. So make the most significant changes by starting with the very basics.

Roll on spring!


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