• Luke Brackenbury

Winter Project: The Golden Sledge (Part 2)

Running up and running into issues with the £360 Burgman

With bike out of the van and in the garage, getting the Burgman running wasn’t much of an issue; we charged the battery and put some fresh fuel in. Fired up straight away, but...

That exhaust is blowing so bad you’d think there wasn’t one on there. The silencer looks almost new but the header pipe is a piece of flexipipe. We removed it all to see about two inches of the original header pipe sticking out from the barrel and what are - no doubt - header bolts seized in position. With a bit of Googling, the MIVV exhaust comes as a full system. So judging by the silencer’s condition our guess is they couldn’t remove the header pipe and made this bodge. As the flexipipe only slots over the existing header stub, it’s far from Gas tight. It’ll need a new header pipe, but some exhaust gum sealed the blow between the flexipipe and silencer which quietened it down, slightly. Better see how much a replacement header is. Of the 1900ml of oil the bike holds there was probably about a third of that left in it. So we drained and replaced with some Motorex 10w 40. The coolant looked new, but was flushed and replaced and the air filter was cleaned, despite not being too dirty. The transmission oil needs doing - we imagine - but we need to spend some time on YouTube or get a service handbook to find out how that’s best done. We greased, lubed and copper slipped everything else and did a bolt check before a test ride. The bike seems reluctant to pull away when the engine is cold, which could be due to the transmission oil being like sludge or non-existent. Time for a road test! First thing we notice is there’s too much play in the throttle cable - an easy fix. The bike is loud - expected. But takes a while to get going. Some funny vibrations over 60mph - but it’s calm at that speed and below. Otherwise, it’s an armchair on two wheels and with the exhaust quieter it’ll be more than sufficient at being an armchair on two wheels to go from Alpha to Burgman. People turn around to see what cool bike is making that noise, only to be disappointed.

Elsewhere, the tyres are crap (the rear has a nail in) and ground clearance is an issue, which could be linked to the exhaust bodge. Part 3: New tyres and a brake service. And a list of essential accessories... 

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