• Luke Brackenbury

Here's one that I rode earlier #1: Honda Vultus.

I was seduced by its unique looks, the inner child in me convinced me that the satin black wedge shaped styling was dead cool. Kids, what do they know about motorcycles? 

I did a bit of indepth research (Google) and discovered Honda chucked the Vultus project out to various young guns within its corporation, maybe that's why it talked the pre adult in me so much?

You should never judge a book on the movie so to see if the Vultus was any good I borrowed it from Honda to find out. I could bang on about seat heights and kerb weight but I won't, all you really need to know is that the Vultus had several areas that could've benefited from some adult input.

The rev n go 750 lacked any real poke, the lack of engine braking created its own unwanted issues, and the lengthy wheelbase didn't help either.

List price for this taste of the future is around £10,000, though I saw several on the market ( Ebay) that had been heavily reduced by desperate Honda dealers who had grown tired of dusting them. I did ask Honda via an email how many examples had they actually sold, over six months later I still await a reply. 

If it was a bit cheaper ( about half of the asking price) and had more bhp it could've all been very different, which kind of proves creating a new motorcycling concept isn't childs play. 


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