• Luke Brackenbury

Things that make me go ohh #3. The Raleigh Burner.

BMX boys have a lot of fun, it's not only a dead catchy song but it's also true.

During the 70s a steady stream of Raleigh products were treated to my buttocks being sat upon them.

First up was the Budgie, this was the entry level pedal bike for a generation of 70s kids. That soon made way for the Tomahawk and then the Chipper.

These stepping stones eventually delivered me to the main event which was the Raleigh Chopper.

I was 7 when I got mine, how I had longed for a Silver Jubilee limited edition version that even had mag wheels, instead I got a very secondhand MK1 version from the small ads in the Dagenham Post.

I loved that bike.

The 80s delivered a new Raleigh product to the bike shops of the UK, the Burner. The ache of wanting one was matched by the ache of riding one, I was too tall to for the must have bicycle. So fast forward to 2016 and I stumble upon an anniversary edition Raleigh Burner for sale, it wasn't in the Dagenham Post though. These days I'm not just too tall I'm also too fat but who cares, it's a Burner!

It now sits in the garage upon my hipster inspired display stand, which is basically a stack of old 120 fronts and 190 rear part worn tyres.

I do like to re'cycle'.


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