• Luke Brackenbury

Getting busy with Fizzy.

Here's one that I did a few years back.

The fastest air cooled FS1E in the world.

The result of a few winters in the shed and much head scratching rewarded owner and builder Mark Griffiths with a very non standard Fizzer.

Out went the gearbox, in went a bespoke close ratio replacement which really helped him reap the rewards of his many other modifactions, these ranged from a 70cc conversion and even a 28mm 

flat slide carb from a Suzuki RG250. 

Every part of the engine was changed and beefed up. I should be able to remember the actual BHP that this saucy moped made but for the life of me I can't, sorry about that! 

The bike was sold a few years ago and now lives in Northern Ireland.

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