• Luke Brackenbury

Things that make me go 'Ohh' #1

The Honda VF750F, it's one of my favourite bikes, it's also one of those motorcycles that Honda might have wished that they'd never built?

It arrived in 1983 sporting a box section frame that pretended to be an alloy item but was instead silver paint over good old fashioned steel. Up front was a dinky 16 inch wheel, this was bang on trend for the day mostly because it's what the blokes in 500GP were using.

The engine was the meant to be the jewel in the crown, instead it emerged to be a thorn in the side of the entire VF range that used cam chains.

The water-cooled V4 four stroke lump had an appetite for destruction, horror stories appeared in MCN and the Hondataker was on hand to bang the nails into the coffin.

Not too many survive these days.

I have owned plenty of these over the years, and this is the latest one to have my name on its V5. It's complete but that's where the good news ends, it was last used in 2004.

But look at it, it's still a good looker, if this was an unloved Kawasaki or Suzuki from the same era it would be a pile of dust.

What will I do with it? Who knows, for now it's sat in the garage awaiting my attention, it could be a long wait...

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