• Luke Brackenbury

Project Corner: 1980 Honda CB 250 RS (part 1)

The plan was simple. It was back in 2011 when fuel was cheaper, time was plentiful, the sun was warmer and Street Trackers were not on every street corner...

Through writing a feature for MCN on a bike owned by a chap called Carl Smith, I discovered the relatively secret world of Mablethorpe Beach racing; every winter, the Lincolnshire costal town plays host to a racing championship once the tide had retreated and an oval track can be hastily marked out.

I'd raced short circuits in the mid-naughties with some OK results, but running my own business and having two young children meant that the time and money-expensive pursuit of repeating those days was a pipe dream. I still needed to get my racing fix, so Carl suggested sand racing as it was big on fun and relatively cheap with the road-based 250 class, using something like a CB 250 RS - a firm favourite with commuters and dispatch riders in the early 80s - a good place to start.

The following day (I don't mess about) I handed over £280 (actually £260 because I couldn't withdraw any more money, but I send a cheque for £20 after. Honest) for the above bike. An MoT failure due to a leaky front master cylinder (not needed for beach racing) and knackered tyres (which would be replaced for motocross type ones). Bargain. I chucked it in the back of my Kia Sedona (RIP) and my 4-month old son, strapped in his car seat, nodded in approval. Or had just farted.

The next plan was to strip down all the non-essential road gear, sell them on fleabay to offset the bike purchase and then gather the parts required...

(to be continued)


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